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Aobi products using nanotechnology, a strong debut

Worry and effort

Daily cleaning and hygiene is very easy, just in the bath with shower rinse after again can be clean, without any effort to scrub. Removed from the finished after the cleaning of toil and trouble.

The self-clean antibacterial function

Nano glass with high technology in its surface form a special high silicon network structure, reducing the glass surface of the structural energy, resulting in water, dirt and bacteria are no adsorption, parasitic on its surface, while water can carry a residual bacteria, thereby producing the self-clean antibacterial effect.

Easy maintenance

Because of the nano glass formed on the surface of the special structure, at a sewage suction, don't hang on state, so the daily cleaning work easier, even if maintenance is only a fiber cotton cloth gently wipe wash, a flush can keep the beautiful bright appearance.

Preventing blindness and yellow glass

Ordinary glass in air due to acid and water residues will gradually turn yellow, loss of glass original permeability and shiny appearance, but the Australian than nano glass do not have this worry.

Resistant to temperature changes

Both north and South are not subject to geographical and climatic conditions, cold and heat, from - 60 degrees to +380 degrees C temperature range, suitable for most regions.

Safety and environmental protection

Nano glass completely using the world's most new international cutting-edge technology, green, non-toxic, will not cause any harm to humans or the environment, and saves cost, reduces water and cleaning agent is used, protect water resources.

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